When Here and Now Becomes There and Then

by Michael Shynes

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Johnny and Greg Mike is such a talented musician and songwriter and such a good person to boot. This is a well-written album that captures many moods and has subtleties you'll notice with each listen. Favorite track: Firefly.
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© Michael Shynes Music 2014

Songs Produced, Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Shynes
Album Artwork by Peter Baehr


released March 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Michael Shynes Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Musically, I'm in love. His light, accessible, passionate sound is one that had me hitting the repeat button on one song for almost an hour." -Rebecca Cicione A & R Columbia Records

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Track Name: When We Conversate
Send me to the water
I'll go in your place
Our fallen sons and daughters
They were found a world away
And if I do not judge them
They'll all love the same
We're always trying to win at
Someone else's game

Why do we sound 40
When we conversate
Stare in the eyes of one another
And shake our heads in disbelief
Can you keep me somewhere
In a lie or memory
Realize that I am not your father
And I could never be

Take me to the river
And wash away my sin
I think it might be better
Than the mess I'm covered in
And you are masquerading
Take a wine glass from the tray
Summer brings fresh linens
And takes the dirty ones away
Track Name: Driftwood (Acoustic)
Please understand that I am only driftwood
And all the things that I should do
Must be done in a short time
Please understand that you are drifting with me
And both sides of us are so green
As we hug the shoreline

And it won't look the same when I'm gone
But I need you to keep moving

These days
They seem to move so quickly
You wake up one day thirty forty fifty
But you my friend
When you're around I'm younger
When you're around I'm stronger
I forget the pain

If all we are is just a heartbeat
then baby let's grab a drum and hit it one two three
If all we are is just a heartbeat
Let's grab a drum

Because it won't look the same when I'm gone
But I need you to keep moving on

Please understand that I am only driftwood
And all the things that I should do
Must be done in a short time
Track Name: Paint You On My Ceiling
I've got cards and poetry I'll never read
I've got boxes of souvenirs that I can't keep
Sleepwalking through the years I can't yet see
They don't call us pioneers until we have dreams

Maybe I just wanted you to know that
I still had my heart until you stole it
I was half a man until you rescued me
But I can't help this overwhelming feeling
I just want to paint you on my ceiling
Just to know your eyes are watching over me

And in the morning when I wake up stranded
Gave my all but left empty handed
You are the window and the breath I seek
You are the faith I want to hide beneath
And if I'm crossed by a rain cloud or black cat
And I'm stressed I can't buy you happiness
You remind me that it isn't for sale
That you want me here and not a gift in the mail

My love it has to be this way
I want you

Maybe I just wanted you to know (I can't help this overwhelming feeling)
Maybe I just wanted you to know (I just want to paint you on my ceiling)
Track Name: Firefly
Its a tough world a Tuesday night
I'm feeling like I brought a gun to a firefight
And she's a hot mess but she played her cards right
I got a cheap car a shit guitar but she treated me just like I was a superstar
Saying those record execs would regret passing me by

And she kept me warm

She kept me warm every summer like a firefly
Just when I thought she would burn out she'd come flying by and say I still want you
She was the one that you never tell your mama about
And for another hit of her you'd pay most any amount and say this lie is true

And as this life goes on
We're just flesh and bone

Its the calm waves that makes you run
You couldn't see her settle down with those high heels on
It turns out that I was just blind
Because bad girls they come out good
It just takes the right man to show them that they could
And hindsight won't keep you from crying

Because she kept me warm

And now I hold up the end of the bar
Hoping her love is going to fall apart
And now I hold up the end of the bar
Knowing true love doesn't fall apart
Track Name: See Through
If you're ever scared of the dark
Just count the passing cars
And remember what it feels like to breathe
A monopoly of your heart
How can one person play that part
They stopped picking up your phone calls
They're letting you bleed

You are your own best terrorist
You're sitting down to make a list
Of all the names dates and places
Write in pen so you can't erase it
Then ask yourself
Are we as cynical as what we receive

I guess I shouldn't believe you
When you say there's nothing wrong
Its getting harder to see proof
That what kills me makes me strong
I'm thinking I might be see through

In a couple months you'll relax
Realize you'll never get her back
And your problems just get taller
And your bedroom just gets smaller
There's no control
It is just read and react
Track Name: Half Awake
Sunday was a late sunrise
I woke up and watched you putting on your jeans
One pant leg at a time
Then the flicker of the bathroom light
And I pretend that I am still asleep

And the old highway past your father's farm
Where the summer days used to keep me warm

And the lilac trees stayed til mid November
And the colored leaves blew in stormy weather
I remember this
Only when I'm half awake

Funny how the time just flies without your permission
Now I got a back that aches and a brightly colored child
And I keep all my guitars down in the basement
When you and the baby fall asleep I sneak down and play for a while

And picture the old highway past your father's farm
Where the summer days used to keep me warm

And these words that rhyme take me back in time
I wonder who is that if I am here
No connection to that teenage boy
But he's the one who brought me here
Track Name: The Western Wind
I never really loved the city
I never got used to the sounds
But I thought the lights were pretty
Every time the traffic died down
Do we want the things we're used to
Or do we want the things we need
Its hard to tell the difference between
Growing up or just planting seeds

I wish I could remember high school
The thrill of being sixteen
You could spot a girl in the hallway
And see her later in your dreams
We tasted forbidden fruit
We counted hours not days
Now we're just searching for proof
That we could go back to that place

I'm not naive enough to believe that I'm your only ghost
But I'd like to think that I haunt you more than anyone else
And if chance came
To start again before our story ends
I'd like to think
You wouldn't let me slip into the western wind

Walking down the street
On memory lane so please do not mind me
I volunteer myself for this retreat
Fully knowing I'll come back to reality
Track Name: I'd Protect You In A Zombie Apocalypse
Time is a wasting
We better settle in before dark
And bottles are breaking
The city marches on Central Park
So grab all your loved ones
Maybe some photographs
Because baby I've seen the movies
And I know we ain't coming back

Let's set up camp somewhere miles and miles from town
Build a fence and then repopulate the earth starting now

I'd protect you in a zombie apocalypse babe
But darling if I'm bitten
You've got to put me away
I'd protect you in a zombie apocalypse babe
But darling if I'm turning
There ain't no cure anyway

We're running short on supplies
And I can't look you in the eyes
I want to provide for you
I say goodbye and then I kissed you on those lips
No walker is gonna touch your baby making hips

Girl I cannot overstate
The importance of you grasping what I say
If I start acting strange
You better dig a hole for me out on the range

But even then I will protect you hun
Come back as a ghost and teach you how to shoot a gun
Even then I will protect you babe
I'll fly you up into the Empire State

I'd protect you in a zombie apocalypse
Babe I would
I'd protect you in a zombie apocalypse babe
Track Name: Pride Ridden Wars
I didn't take you for the emotional type
The kind that cries at sentimental films
And claims that its just something in your eyes
Always claiming you know the way that it works
Diagnosing from your ivory tower
But you're not going to break my heart
I know there's still good here

Sometimes we must relinquish what comes naturally
And just let ourselves be happy

The human mind well it can break just like glass
On hands and knees you search the floor
Grasping for the pieces you lost
In pride ridden wars

And my hands aren't so dirty
That they cannot bleed anymore
And your work isn't done here
It takes more than this

I didn't take you for the emotional type
The kind that cries at sentimental films
And claim that its just something in your eyes
You're far less bitter
Track Name: From the Passenger Seat
We took a step in that direction all I wanted was love
To put my 6 foot frame in a 2 foot glove
But the things that you were giving me were never enough
You got to wait for your villain because I wasn’t villainous
Light the fuse and there she goes
Moderation never came from romantic souls
I got protection on my heart but they’re never on patrol
I was quick to let her in but I’ve got to let her go

We were kissing in cars right
Testing out the length of our arms all night
I could still find you in the dim light
By the feel of your skin on mine
Swear I told you
Prepare because I was coming on for you
Like the crescent I am only getting stronger
Lets stay a little bit longer now

And I would give from my very own
This blood is my very own
Outside the window there arose such a clatter
But you were into you so it doesn’t really matter now
My worst fears are my very own
Eyes open but the sleep never comes
And I hate the fact that I might need you like a drug
And it hurts even more that I could never get enough

And I will descend from time to time
To way back when you were driver’s side
From the passenger seat
Like cats in heat you would fall into me
Fall into me
Track Name: This Might Sound Absurd
I just want to see them detach you from all these machines
Want to see you chase after those lofty ambitious big dreams
You lye on the bed
You are half of the size that you used to be
I want to tell you I love you but the meds keep from sinking it in

And this might sound absurd
Its taken me a while
But I love you so much
I do

I'll sneak you right out of here
We'll go play some catch in the yard
You toss me that baseball and tell me that I could go far

What do you say we run for it
Pops we'll run for it

I miss you on Sundays your Birthday and all the holidays
Mom walks around the house
She holds things that you wanted to say

And this might sound absurd
But its taking us a while
To forget you
So we never do
Track Name: Nobody Wants To Feel Love (Live from IPR)
My plans and rules, I would lay them down for you
I'm an involuntary slave to everything you do
And you wave your hands, saying catch me if you can
Feeling tired and out of breath but I continue to dive in

Nobody wants to feel love, yeah
Nobody wants to give it up, yeah
Nobody wants to feel love, yeah
Because you cannot just try it

And everyday, I keep wishing you away
If you've never tasted blue then you appreciate the grey
But I can never go back now
No I can never back now
Yeah I can never go back now, never go back now, never go back now
Track Name: We Were Tigers, We Shed Our Wires (Live from IPR)
Jenny takes the long way home
And I know she hates to walk alone
So I ask her a question that takes a while to respond to
Soon enough our feet were sharing square stones
There is lightning in the eastern sky
Its reflecting off her kind green eyes
I didn't even want to go inside
Just feel better knowing she is alright

In the days of kings and queens, we were tigers
Bathing in the summer sun
In a world of marionettes, we shed our wires
And fled until we couldn't run

And you land on me

Morning comes and so we have to go
We are headed for the west you know
Gonna settle down and find some gold
Raise our children in our own castle

Oh you intoxicate me
Feel like I drank all night
But I haven't touched a drop
Oh you intoxicate me
Feel like I drank all night
But I never touched a drop
Track Name: The One Thing I'll Miss (Live from IPR)
You drew a picture of my heart
On a canvas in the dark
I guess you thought you'd figure out
What I was all about
So you put the car in park
As we kissed under the stars
I never begged you for your lips
Maybe that's something I miss

You slip away as we change

Now I've come up with a plan
How to be a better man
You're my one to have and hold
Am I holding you up
Am I holding you down

I drew a picture of your heart
On a canvas in the dark
I had to chase you for your lips
Baby that's a thing I miss

You slip away as we change

Can I come up with a plan
Can I save what we began
Because our bed is getting cold

Am I turning you on
Am I turning you back
To where we started

Am I holding you up
Am I holding you back

Am I holding you up
Am I holding you down

Can we sum up with a plan
Can we save what we began